Old Klaverack Brewery Executes Lease Agreement for Columbia Shopping Center Hudson, NY.


We are a NYS Farm Brewery, which means we are required to use a certain amount of NYS Grown ingredients. This really intrigued me ”Sourcing Local” and once we opened I found a malt house out in Hadley Mass. that malted nys grains. We were using this malt house for about months when another malt house opened about 20 minutes from the brewery called Germantown Beer Farm. I made arrangements to meet with the owner and talk malt! Since that meeting I have been dedicated to using their base malt in all my beers, and when available we also use their crystal malts.  

Our Slogan for the brewery is “Local Supports Local”. We truly believe that a strong relationship with our community (Town of Claverack) and other surrounding area’s helps us make what the brewery is today.

So please stop out and see us and try our beers! By sourcing local our beers are different from what you will get on the main stream craft beer market, but you will definitely not be disappointed!