New Business Locates to Midtown Village, Wilkes-Barre relocated to Midtown Village in Wilkes-Barre.  

Oddball Goods is a multichannel vendor dealing in a wide variety of new consumer goods. We offer some excellent deals on top-quality merchandise and do our best to deliver world-class customer service every time.

Oddball Goods was founded by two guys who are the best of friends. Collectively they have 30+ successful years of experience in eCommerce. They have leveraged their knowledge and experience to very rapidly grow Oddball Goods into a premiere provider of thousands of products.

Dedication to family, friendship & community.

We at Oddball Goods believe that good living revolves around people helping people; Friends helping friends, taking care of ones own family, families helping other families, strangers helping strangers. We embrace this good, wholesome, nurturing and kindness that shaped our world before there was even such a thing as money or commerce, let alone eCommerce.

We’d like to help you and your family enjoy life more by providing you with our great products and outstanding service!.

Oddball Goods is proud to serve the people of Northeast Pennsylvania over the counter and the rest of the world over the internet!